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The Historic Muscoda Mile

The Historic Muscoda Mile is a project in development by the Muscoda Area Chamber of Commerce, with support from the Village of Muscoda, the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board, and many other local and regional citizens, organizations, and volunteers.

We express our gratitude and thanks for all of your enthusiasm, support, and donations throughout the years that have made all of our community projects possible.

The Historic Muscoda Mile will be a cornerstone project for our community that will inspire our people for generations to come. We look forward to its completion, along with many more future projects!

Picture a charming walk along Wisconsin Avenue, with several stops along the way to take in the rich history of the area, and learn all about how Muscoda came to be!

We’ll start in “Upper Town” at the Railroad Park.  Making our way North toward the Wisconsin River, we’ll stop in at each of the several informational outposts along the Historic Muscoda Mile.

View from the Railroad Park, circa 1909 https://historicmuscodamile.com
View from the Railroad Park, circa 1909

The new outposts will feature artistic plaques at each location, detailing the history of each property and the story of how it contributed to Muscoda’s development, and how it contributes to our community today!  Each location will also feature a QR code (scannable by smartphone).

Each QR Code along the route will lead to this website, where you will find the complete story behind each site, its history, and archive photos of the property, people, and buildings from over the years.  Get lost in the wonder that is the history of our community!

Caboose at the Avoca Railroad Depot - https://historicmuscodamile.com